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Corporate Chef Staffing

Companies that have made the move to bringing in a Corporate Private Chef have seen increased productivity in the workplace and healthier employees. Employees no longer have to leave their desk to venture out for a “fast food” lunch. The "in house" menu is healthier and can be delivered to the employee’s office or cubicle, and employees do not have to leave the office and try to get back into “work mode”.

Besides the training and talent required for preparing food that pleases the palate for corporate employees, the Corporate Private Chef needs to have a temperament that is very flexible to last minute changes, special requests and the differing dietary needs of the employees. Corporate Private Chefs should have a good understanding of various styles of healthy yet delicious foods. Abilities to shop carefully for quality and to manage the kitchen for efficiency, cleanliness and cost effectiveness are valued by employers. Some employers have facilities for the Private Chef to work on site, other companies have the food prepared off site and brought in daily. Menus are provided to the employees for the next day’s meal choice. Menu selections usually consist of +5 meal options that the employee selects, and menus vary on a day to day basis. Corporate Private Chefs understand about dietary restrictions, food allergies, etc.

Salaries for Personal Chefs range from $75,000 to +$100,000 with benefits, depending on the number of employees a company has.

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Trust us to find the best Corporate Private Chef suited for your needs. We conduct thorough background checks so you feel safe and secure with your choice of a Corporate Private Chef. Don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes hiring a Corporate Private Chef. We specialize in Corporate Private Chef placement worldwide so you can rely on us for your staffing needs.

Our Corporate Private Chef placement service is reliable and dependable. Our satisfied clients will attest to that. International Domestic Placement Group offers the best in corporate and residential staffing, including Personal Chefs, Private Chefs, Personal Chefs, Yacht Chef's, Jet Chefs, butlers, maids, housekeepers, estate managers, house managers, and domestic couples.

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